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10 Truck Graphics That Will Make Your Day Part II

By February 14, 2014 News 4 Comments

If you were inspired by the first part of our post on awesome truck graphics, then you will certainly enjoy the examples below. We found 5 more examples of mobile advertising that were hard not to notice in hopes that it not only inspires you, but gives you a better understanding of the next level approach that is being taken by companies large and small in order to set themselves apart from their competition. Allow these examples to motivate you in order to grasp fully how truck wraps and truck graphics can be utilized as a way to promote your products and services without compromising your marketing budget.


Whatever happened to “Once you pop, you can’t stop?” Well, we guess fans of Pringles would have to be a bit careful when they’re munching on this ‘Hot & Spicy’ variant if they don’t want their immediate vicinity to be reduced to ashes. We took a great liking to the design that was used when they came up with this idea. The three-dimensional view of a room laid to waste drove the point home that these Pringles are not something to mess with!  This wrap is probably one of the best we’ve seen in a long time.

Pringles Truck Wrap


We think it should be a rule for all vehicle graphics—not just truck graphics—to be as creative and as in your face funny as much as possible. Take this Imodium truck wrap. Not only is the joke clever but it does clear up any misunderstanding as to the drug’s indication. If for some reason you don’t know what Imodium is for, this truck wrap should clue you in right away. There is some definite humor involved here, and that is what stood out to us in a major way. A subtle, or not so subtle sense of humor definitely catches the eye of would-be consumers.

Imodium Truck Wrap


Seeing this truck wrap just makes us want to pop a gum like it’s nobody’s business. With Wrigley’s being one of the oldest corporations in the United States, it has been important for the company to stay relevant and engage new generations of consumers as the years have passed. The use of space on the trailer was excellent because it is really shaped like a large pack of gum, so it fits perfectly! Of course, it also intrigues us to see what Polo, the mint with a hole, and Mentos The Freshmaker would look like if they are turned into massive truck graphics. We have a feeling that those would turn out to be just as amazing.

Spearmint Truck Wrap


Okay, some quick facts for those who are not familiar with the brand Persil. It is a laundry detergent made by German company Henkel & Cie. Unilever Corporation is in charge of distributing and marketing Persil in several countries. It makes sense that the marketing team would want to use the colors of the German flag mainly because it is a German company. This is yet another company using the shape of the trailer to create a great optical illusion to imply that their product is intended to be used on laundry.

Towels Truck Graphic


Here’s a truck wrap that we are very proud to say is for a very good cause. We are an eco-friendly company and we jumped at the opportunity when Gruett Tree Company asked us to execute their truck graphics for them. It was a win-win situation for both parties, and definitely with the best of intentions in mind. If you are ever in need of comprehensive tree care or tree trimming services and are an Orange County resident, we suggest you look into what has to offer.

Truck Wrap



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