How to Create Effective Outdoor Ads


There are different kinds of outdoor advertising mediums, but, today we’re going to focus on two of the most effective mediums out there: billboard and car wrap advertising. So how can you create effective billboard and car wrap ads that grab the attention, have a strong brand recall, and isn’t costly to create? Just take note of these 8 things.

Don’t Use Too Many Words
If you want to use words to make an impact, make it count. And by make it count, we meant to say that you should only use a maximum of seven words. If your ad is interesting and really grabs the eye (without relying on cheap tricks), then customers will seek you. Ask yourself what your company/brand really needs: more callers, more Facebook views/likes, or more people to walk inside your brick and mortar store? Just settle on one. Too many words/letters will just add to the visual clutter (unless of course that’s part of your ad’s design!).

Laziness Is Different From Good Design
A lot of people mistake laziness from good design. Just putting your logo on a car wrap is one thing. Strategically placing your logo so it can be seen from all angles is good design. Some people often mistake minimalism for something that’s far too plain. Minimalism is actually great for outdoor design. If you run a restaurant and you’re known for your exquisite roast chicken, imagine seeing a billboard ad that has an image of a roasting chicken on a plain black background. Imagine the same ad while you’re about to decide where to dine with the family. See where we’re getting at?

Contrast & Font Matters
While you’re still in the designing process, determine the basic colors you can use for your brand. Come up with contrastic colors and special fonts. Plain fonts such as Arial, Times, or Helvetica can be easily skimmed through and won’t attract the viewer’s attention. So make your fonts count. Remember that there’s a reason for typography’s revival: it grabs people’s’ attentions.

Don’t Go For Cheap Tricks
Ads that rely on neon colors, cheap visual trickery, and related design tricks will never be remembered in the long run. Unless of course the visual trickery involved directly adds to your brand’s overall message and value. But if it doesn’t, go for direct visual marketing strategies.

Don’t Rip Off From Other Famous Ads
Lastly, don’t rip off from other ads. Ads that try to be witty and mimic other brands or make fun of rival companies are never going to be remembered. It might be initially witty but it doesn’t add to your brand’s overall message.


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