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Jay Leno Wraps his McLaren P1

By October 13, 2014 News No Comments

McLaren P1

Jay Leno is one of the most famous car collectors, owning an entire fleet of around 140 classic cars and supercars housed in a hangar. His collection even has its own website. Many of these cars are worth millions, including his McLaren P1. This $1.15 million dollar automobile is the first McLaren P1 imported to the U.S, and one of only 375 manufactured. With such a valuable automobile, owners are under pressure to keep them in pristine condition. Leno is no different, so he chose to use a car wrap to protect the paint from chipping.

Wrapping the McLaren P1

Car wraps have many uses, one of which is protection to the paint and windows. They can be applied to a brand new car, and when it is time to resell, the can be removed and the paint will look as good as new. Wraps do not allow any dirt, grime, or moisture under their protective coating, keeping the paint completely as new. You can also replace any damaged portion of the car wrap to keep the car looking like new. Car wraps can be custom made or precut, depending on the make and model of the car and the whether a person wants a particular color or design.

Although many people also use car wraps to change the color and design of a car, they can also be clear, with protection as their only purpose. Leno chose not to make any changes to the look of his McLaren P1 in a bright yellow finish. That is why he wrapped it with a clear film from Protective Film Solutions (PFS). They also added a hardened acrylic warp to the windshield as protection from any road debris.

Watch Leno and the PFS Team Wrap the Car

Leno filmed his visit with Ryan Tounsley and the PFS team as they applied the car wrap to the McLaren P1 for his Jay Leno’s Garage YouTube channel and website. This six-minute video demonstrates the benefits of a car wrap, and it also goes through the procedure of applying a car wrap. Leno has used this product on several of his high-class cars that he wants to protect from chips, bird dropping, scratches, and any other potential problems on the road.

Initially, they made sure the car was clean. This is an essential first step, as it helps the adhesive to perfectly adhere to the car. Any dirt or grime on the car before wrapping could cause damage to the paint, or lead to the wrap not properly adhering to the car. Then, they took the precut 8 millimeter wrap that had already been cut to the specifications of the automobile and applied it to the body panels of the car.

Car Wraps are not Just for High-End Cars

Although Leno uses car wraps to protect his McLaren P1 and other supercars, they are not just for high-end automobiles. They can help to protect the paint job of any make or model of any car. They cost a few thousand dollars and will last between 5 and 10 years. Additionally, they allow you to easily change the color and design of the car without having to invest in a custom paint job, which can be very expensive. They can be removed without damage to the paint job, so you can custom design your car without worrying about damaging the resell value.

Leno chooses to use a clear wrap so that it as though there is nothing on the car, but he still benefits form the protection of the wrap. Whether you have a supercar, classic car, or just a regular automobile, you can benefit from using a protective coating with car wraps.


photo credit: Supermac1961 via photopin cc

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