On Faded Car Wraps And Damaged Cars

Black BMW Matte Vinyl Wrap

Whether you’re new to car wrap advertising or not, it’s only understandable that you want to have all the answers to all your questions before you shell out your hard-earned money. Without further ado, here are the top 2 questions people ask before having their vehicles wrapped.

Why Does A Car Wrap Fade?
We get it. Sometimes, a car wrap is still remarkably intact but you simply have to replace if because some spots are already fading. Sometimes, ugly blotches or distortions in the graphics can even occur. For some graphics, the answer is simple: the quality wasn’t top notch. Some wraps or decals used low quality materials so it was only understandable that the wrap faded over a short amount of time.

Here’s How to Prevent Faded Car Wraps
The first step when it comes to preventing faded car wraps is to use high quality lamination. Some car wrap companies use low quality lamination or go for no lamination at all in order to cut costs. Although this could work for the short term, it will actually cost more in the long run. Lamination is very important for car wrap graphics or decals because it adds a layer of protection as well as giving an added bonus of one’s desired finish: glossy, luster, or matte.

A glossy finish is one of the more popular finishes. It basically adds/intensifies the gloss or sheen of the car wrap’s design. A luster finish, on the other hand, adds a bit of gloss but not too much. It’s chosen by people who want to lessen any glaring effects of their car wrap design. Lastly, a matte finish is a smooth and flat finish. A lot of people also go for a matte finish as it gives their vehicles a certain look that’s actually quite appealing.

Clients who go for paler colors for their car wrap or decals are more likely to expect faster fading time. But of course, climate and the environment also play a key to faded car wraps and decals. If you want to prevent faded designs, simply go for brighter or bolder colors and go for both high quality vinyl and high quality lamination in order to lengthen the lifespan of your car wrap design.

Can You Put Decals or A Wrap Over Damaged Parts of A Vehicle?
The short answer is no. The long answer is that you have to fix the damaged parts especially if there’s any rust, dents, or large scratches on the car’s exterior. Minor scratches and faded paint jobs CAN be hidden by decals or wrap jobs. But if we’re talking about major damage here then you have to address that first before you even think about having the vehicle wrapped. This way, you can prevent any major damage going on without your knowledge of it. Although some people go for putting decals or wraps over damaged parts of their vehicle, it can actually highlight the damage instead of hiding it.

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