Top Five Most Creative Vehicle Wraps

By January 13, 2014 News 12 Comments

When it comes to vehicle wraps, it’s pretty much the norm for graphic design teams to push the limits of their creativity. After all, the point is to break away from traditional modes of advertising but still get people’s attention and have them buy into the message. Check out the awesome designs below to see what we’re talking about.

1. Snake Bus

Zoo Bus

Commissioned by Copenhagen Zoo, this bus wrap was designed by Bates Y&R under the art direction of Peder Schacks. The appropriately titled ad was releaSssed in December 2009.

2. FedEx transporting UPS trucks

FEDEX Pick a Back

We have to hand it to FedEx for one-upping the competition with this simple yet powerful imagery. It’s true what they say, sometimes less is really more.

3. Keep Holland Clean Foundation

Trash Bus

Vehicle wraps aren’t just for promoting brands. This bus wrap by Grey Amsterdam for example encourages people not to turn buses into a garbage truck. Commissioned by Keep Holland Clean Foundation, this ad was released in September 2008.

4. Red Bull Car

Red Bull Car

Custom-made for Red Bull, the car is actually a Mini Cooper with a pseudo-can of Red Bull strapped on top of the trunk. Did you say running on empty? Probably impossible with this car!

5. Modern Family ‘I Can’t Be Satisfied’ Fail

Vehicle Wraps For Their Advertising

This one is awesome and awful at the same time but we think it deserves a spot on this list not just because the writers of Modern Family are brilliant but also because it delivers a solid warning to those who are planning to use vehicle wraps for their advertising needs. Lesson learned: work with a company that will not fail you when it comes to delivering the right message.

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