What Makes For A Head-Turning Outdoor Marketing Campaign?


When it comes to outdoor advertising methods, we can help you choose either a.) car wrap advertising or b.) billboard advertising. Car wrap advertising is arguably cheaper and better for the long haul, but, if you want to target a specific audience in an exact location (or if you have a large budget) then a billboard advertisement is definitely a good option too. When it comes to planning for a head-turning campaign, there are 4 steps in the process. Read on to find out more about it.

Visually Compelling
The first step is to ensure that your outdoor advertising medium of choice is visually compelling. This is the stage wherein you can think of the fireworks, all the big elements, and the visually outrageous things you can put in your ad. The earlier stages of planning is definitely the best part of designing a car wrap or billboard in that you can come up with the most exciting things and not be hampered by logistics or a budget. In the earlier stages of planning, don’t limit your creativity.

Tied Up With Brand Itself
If you came up with a visually compelling and head-turning marketing campaign, make sure that it’s not just empty fireworks. Make sure that it’s tied up to your brand and that the artwork or the image will be easily associated to your brand. This second part of the process is more of the trimming down part. Make sure that you don’t just go for any other visual trick of an ad. Make sure that it speaks for your company or brand.

Keep it Simple
Head-turning ads are simple and straightforward. You want your outdoor ad to look great from afar and even up-close and personal. Ads that are too complicated or have too much going on wouldn’t translate well from a long distance. Keeping it simple can also help you cut down on maintenance costs or other extra costs. So at this point of the process, try to trim it down as much as possible.

Remember, at the end of the day, being a head-turner is good. But you also have to be memorable. And memorable is what you really have to aim for. Just follow the mentioned steps above and make sure that your campaign has a soul to it. Creative graphics are all good but you want it to have a heart/humor/soul to it. You decide. You can even put all three components. Make a visual pun out of the brand name or create one visual element/image that is creative/out of the box but basically sums up your brand.


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