What’s the Best Outdoor Advertising Medium For You?

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Advertising is especially tricky nowadays, what with social media dominating the scene. But according to statistics, outdoor advertising still reigns supreme. The good thing about outdoor advertising is that you can reach a lot of people at any given time frame. The upfront cost is usually higher as opposed to online marketing but there are certain advantages when it comes to outdoor advertising mediums. If you want to know which medium is the best for your brand/company, check out our list and make an informed choice.

Car Wraps
Car wraps are a relatively cheap way of advertising your company. Although the initial cost of having a vehicle wrapped appears to be costly, you have to take into consideration that a car wrap is not just an advertising vehicle. It can also protect the vehicle and therefore help retain the resale value of the car. A car wrap can last without fading much for an average of 5 years. If you use the vehicle for deliveries and such, you also make sure that you get as much as 30,000 unique views per day.

Large Format Print/Billboards
When it comes to large format print, it simply means billboard advertising. There are other large format advertising mediums (like wall graphics or building wraps) but billboards are one of the oldest and most influential outdoor advertising methods.

Digital Billboards
Digital billboards are great for companies who can’t afford a single billboard all to themselves. The cost is cheaper since you get to share a billboard with other companies. The downside is that your product/company is only getting a few seconds of advertising space. But if the digital billboard is going to be located in a densely populated area, then this could be a good option for your company.

Street Furniture
Depending on your location, street furniture can be a cost effective advertising medium or an expensive one. If you think that street furniture is perfect for your company’s needs, then go for it. Just remember that when you opt for street furniture, there’s acquisition costs, installation costs, and maintenance costs. The same could be said for billboards or other large format advertising mediums but street furniture are often more subject to wear and tear.

At the end of the day, you have to take into consideration the amount of time you need to advertise a product, service, or the brand in general and how much money you’re truly willing to part with. Some outdoor advertising methods can cost more upfront (car wraps) but don’t need to be worried about later on. Some formats, like street furniture, may not seem costly but there’s maintenance and city laws to deal with.


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