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Box Truck Wraps

The perfect marketing strategy for your company involves several components that work together to create a central brand. Although customers still care about reliability, cost, and quality, more and more often abstract concepts and feelings drive customers more than qualitative reasons, which is why branding is such an integral component of a marketing strategy.

Your brand tells people who you are, not just what you do. You separate yourself from the competition by facilitating affection for your company. Box truck wraps provide a cost effective way to build your reputation and brand so that people will think of you rather than the competition when they require your goods or services.

The Benefits Of Branding With Box Truck Wraps

Box truck wraps are a great way to facilitate the brand message you want to impart to your potential customers or clients. You have numerous options for the design of your vehicle wrap. You do not have to settle for your only using your company’s logo and contact information.

With the right design, you capture people’s attention, and you can also subconsciously create certain feelings and ideas about your company by manipulating colors, pictures, and designs.

Additionally, using box truck wraps can make people think your company is larger or more successful than it is. People assume that companies with this type of advertisement are large and doing well.

About 56 percent of people in an OAAA and Media Life study say they perceive a company with truck advertising as successful. Furthermore, when they see your truck in their neighborhood, they assume that their neighbors are using your services, which makes it more likely that they will contact you.

Use Vehicle Wraps To Increase Your Name Recognition

Using fleet advertising boosts the name recognition of your company 15 times more than other forms of advertising. Most people, about 91 percent, notice vehicle advertisements, according to American Trucking Association, and most of them remember the advertising later. This means that people begin to recognize your name and brand, which influences their decision to contact you when they need your services.

By reinforcing the brand of the company, customers will turn to your company when they are already ready to buy your goods or need your services. Even those who are not yet ready to buy your company’s goods or services will be positively affected. When the time comes that they need what you offer, they will remember your company’s name and more likely choose you over the competition.

Cost Effective Advertising

One of the best benefits of box truck wrap advertising is that it is a cost effective way to increase your brand recognition and gain more customers or clients. With a box truck, you have a large surface area on which to advertise in a creative fashion. However, the only cost is the initial fee for the vehicle wrap.

When you drive the vehicle on its regular routes, you have the potential of hitting 30,000 to 80,000 people, depending on the route, traffic, and time of day. You also reach a large-scale audience across all demographics, since everyone has to use the roads. Therefore, the cost per impression is minimal, and far less than any other type of advertising.

With box truck wraps, you easily increase your brand awareness, gain a better reputation in potential customer’s minds, and increase your customer base. It can work alongside your other marketing strategies, including digital and print media, by reinforcing the brand concept that you use in your other marketing areas.

People will notice your trucks, which will lead to name recognition and an association with your goods or services provided. When they need you, they will choose you over the competition.


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