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Trailer Wraps

In terms of mobile advertising, trailers are unique in that they can provide twice the exposure that powered vehicles offer. Twice, because you can have your trailer and the vehicle that is pulling said trailer to be wrapped in a design that is completely in line with your brand or corporate image. This double exposure is of course, a great way to get recognition for your products and services, and have your marketing message effectively conveyed to your target audience.

High impact outdoor advertising

Trailer wraps can be configured to support your advertising initiatives. As the name implies, trailer wraps are made to enclose a part or the entire trailer (minus the roof), transforming the space into what should be a mobile work of art.

For basic trailer wraps, the design usually incorporates a brand or a logo, which is then combined with graphics. You can, however, make your trailer wrap more special by working with a team that specializes in vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics. Our designers for example, and marketing consultants can help you come up with a design that works best for your image and ensure that your prospective clients will be drawn to your mobile advertisement.

Advertising that lasts. Mileage for your marketing dollar.

The genius of trailer wraps lies in the fact that these provide an excellent advertising solution that can last for years, without costing you a lot of money. Unlike other promotional tools, trailer wraps, especially those that are designed well, can bring in more business without draining your marketing funds.

With regards to seasonal demands, you may also modify trailer wraps to fit your monthly specials or promos. The ADI trailer wrapping team in particular, can change your trailer graphics seasonally depending on your needs.

Trailer wraps and more

Aside from trailer wraps, ADI also specializes in bus wraps, car wraps, truck wraps, van wraps, fleet wraps, and more. We also offer large format printing services with applications such as billboards, display banners, event signage, exhibit or trade show displays, murals, posters, window signage, plus loads more. Whatever your advertising needs, we have the capabilities to help you achieve your business goals. Please feel free to browse our site for more information on our products and services or call us directly at (323) 464-4828. We also invite you to come visit our shop at 915 N. Highland Ave., Los Angeles CA 90038 to meet with us in person, or fill out our online Contact Us form.


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