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Los Angeles Vehicle Wraps

ADI specializes in creating van wraps, car wraps, truck wraps, truck side graphics, fleet wraps, we can wrap almost anything that rolls. Ever wanted to own your own billboard? We can turn your vehicle or vehicle fleet into mobile billboards that carry your message to thousands of potential customers.

Less than the cost of a static billboard. Vehicle wraps and graphics are fast becoming a reasonable and efficient alternative to traditional advertising. Businesses that cannot factor in television/radio commercials or monthly billboard advertising in their marketing mix, are afforded a solution that lasts for several years for a fraction of the cost of conventional advertising.

Specially for Los Angeles vehicle wraps and graphics turn your car, van, or truck into a moving billboard exclusively for your business. With an eye-catching design and detailed messaging, a vehicle wrap gives brand exposure to thousands of potential customers, whether you’re driving on the highway or parking in areas with heavy foot traffic. Wherever you drive or wherever you park your vehicle becomes your free exclusive advertising space. In a city like LA where everything is looking to grab your attention; vehicle wraps are a sure fire attention grabber.

Los Angeles Vehicle Graphics

There are a ton of companies who offer car wraps in Los Angeles, at Arete Digital we specialize in providing you the best value proposition for all of your Los Angeles vehicle graphi needs. The primary benefit of using car wraps is that they provide the lowest cost per impression of any advertising method.

If you are located in Los Angeles you will find that we provide affordable vehicle wraps. Research from the Outdoor Advertising Association indicates that vehicle wraps cost about $1 per thousand impressions (CPM). Compare that to $3 CPM for static billboards or $12 CPM for a one-day quarter-page newspaper ad, and it’s no wonder that the vehicle wrap industry is steadily growing.

Graphic wraps are an innovative form of advertising and an effective marketing option to promote your marketing message. Vehicle wraps and graphics provide leverage to small business to go toe to toe with large corporations in terms of local exposure and targeting. Some food for thought if vehicle wraps work for the big brands like Coca-Cola,Target and NIKE you can make them work for your business too! For Businesses with a large vehicle fleet , fleet wraps and graphics turn corporate vehicles into branding machines for high visual brand recognition, brand recall and corporate livery.

We want to help you find out if vehicle wrap advertising is a right fit for your needs. Consider speaking with one of our representatives or feel free to find more information on our site.


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