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Specialty Wraps

When we said that we wrap anything that rolls, we weren’t kidding. Boats, helicopters, motorcycles – we have the expertise and the staff to make specialty wraps consistent with your brand. With regards to cost-effectiveness, wraps on vehicles other than cars, trucks, vans, and buses do not have to be expensive. You can rest assured that specialty wraps can help reinforce your brand and at a price that will not deplete your marketing funds.

Benefits Of Specialty Wraps

In the world of advertising, everybody is clamoring to put out unique ads that get people to distinguish their brand from brands X, Y, and Z. And in terms of brand recognition, specialty wraps are very much cost-effective as mentioned and are able to establish a brand more efficiently than print ads or radio spots or television commercials. This is because more and more people are hitting the road compared to staying at home and watching TV or listening to the radio.

As for other benefits, specialty wraps are also easy to install (can be completed in hours); non-damaging to the original paint of the vehicle; easy to remove; and are backed by 5-year warranties (usually).

Innovative Marketing Solutions

Because specialty wraps can be applied to almost all types of vehicles – cars, trucks, trolleys, small airplanes, helicopters, kayaks, jet skis, boats, and so on, businesses (small or otherwise) are spoiled for choice when it comes to their outdoor advertising options. With specialty wraps, any vehicle can be turned into a moving billboard to promote a certain brand, product, or service, without compromising your marketing budget.

Also, in terms of time and effort, specialty wraps are not as time-consuming or effort-draining as producing a TV commercial or hiring voice actors for radio advertisements. All wraps are based on computer generated designs, which are then printed on vinyl panels that will be applied to the contours and surfaces of the vehicles.

Like any other vehicle wrap, a specialty wrap can cover the entire surface of the vehicle (full wrap) or just a section of said surface (partial wrap). You can go with either option but remember to hire only a professional vehicle wrapping company that you can trust to help you with everything, from the design aspect to the actual installation of the specialty wrap.


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