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Car Wraps

Over the years, cars – and virtually all types of vehicles – have come to play a key role in people’s lives. Not only do they make travel from Point A to Point B less time-consuming and more convenient, but they have also become a way to minimize transportation costs for many individuals and businesses.


Using Vehicles For Advertising


More recently, cars, trucks, and buses have also become a vehicle for marketing and advertising (pun intended) with the use of vehicle advertising. Also, a car wrap may serve as a way of self-expression, with the ability to set apart one vehicle from the rest more effectively than any other paint job or custom setup can do.

Here at ADI our creative and technical teams join forces to ensure that clients are provided 100% custom graphics that completely meet their design preferences and achieve marketing objectives without breaking their budget.

How Commercial Car Wraps Can Help?

An increasing number of businesses nowadays have turned towards vehicle wraps as a cost-efficient method for marketing. Contrary to popular belief, vehicles sporting vinyl ads don’t have to be constantly on the move in order to enjoy maximum exposure.

If you are concerned about the associated cost of fuel with mobile advertising, there’s always the alternative of searching for strategic parking that offers optimal long-term visibility. Last but not the least, customized vehicle ads don’t share space with any other ads – an advantage that most other traditional forms of advertising do not offer.

Your vehicle, your wrap. Your space, your ad.

Custom Vehicle Advertising

Visit our custom page if you want to know more about our working process for designing graphics. A common question is how long does a car wrap take?

Wraps And Graphics Options

Providing clients with the most varied selection of graphic designs and options for customization has long been a goal for our company.

  • Full Wraps
  • Partial Wraps
  • Vinyl Graphics

Four Steps For Creating A Car Wrap

Design is one of the critical success factors for auto wraps, which is why we make sure to take and give as much time as needed to crafting a layout and design for car wrap project that comes our way. Our in-house team of design experts will be more than happy to coordinate with you or your own team of designers to come up with graphics that aren’t just meant to impress but are also designed with a high ROI in mind.

We also like to think of design as a process that’s subjective in essence but with quantifiable parameters and results. We make sure that deadlines are met without compromising the aesthetic value. Our work process for coming up with high-quality and all-original graphic designs and layouts is simple but strategic and effective.

Step 1: Planning

We talk about how you want your car wrap to look like, what it should represent, who it’s targeting, and what you want to achieve with it. We can also provide you samples of our previous works and our entire portfolio to help you determine which design styles would best fit your brand and campaign.

Step 2: Do

Once your design team and ours come into agreement about what makes and doesn’t make the design work, our artists and technicians will then move ahead with manufacturing the graphics you’ve requested.

Step 3: Check

It can take days to weeks or even months for your design to come into life. Even the initial draft for checking can take a while but that first glimpse of your vehicle wrap will be more than worth the wait. We also strongly advise you to give the final design a thorough check to determine if it meets your specifications down to the last detail.


Step 4: Act

We put revisions to work if there are any, but if there’s none then we can finally proceed to the manufacturing process. Once the car wrap has been printed, we will then assign our expert technicians to ensure proper and problem-free installation.

Rest assured that with ADI you’ve found one of the few companies there is that appreciate both the need for turning vehicle graphics into a powerful mobile ad that’s as visually appealing as it is financially practical.

With our tailor-fitted vehicle wraps we guarantee personalization that’s anchored by a solid marketing concept, responsive to target market demands, and rich in substance and artistic appeal.

How Much Do Car Wraps Cost?

Several factors can substantially affect the overall cost of vehicle wraps, and we always make sure to discuss each and every one of them with our client.

  • Amount of covered or “wrapped” space
  • Intricacy or style of design as well as techniques and processes used
  • Type and quality of materials required
  • Type and time needed for the installation

Please feel free to contact any of our customer representatives to start discussing pricing options and obtain an accurate quotation of how much you would need to invest in a car wrap.

Looking for a way to make a huge advertising impact without spending a fortune? Car wraps are one of the most eye-catching and effective ways to advertise your business. With a car wrap, your traffic-stopping advertisement goes everywhere that you do! Imagine how many people you pass on your daily commute or while driving around town: what if all of these people could be transformed into a potential customer after seeing your car wrap. That’s a lot of “imprints” to be made and a great way to get the word out about your business. Think about it: traditional forms of advertisement, such as a magazine or phonebook ad, have a limited audience. With vehicle wraps, your audience is as far and wide as you want to drive.

Car Wraps: A Mobile Advertising Tool

Auto wraps not only set you apart from the competition and catch the eye – they also give you a lot of “mobility” with your advertising. Want to get new customers one town over? Just drive through those neighborhoods. Or if you want to truly be competitive, park your vehicle near a competitor’s business and see if you can attract interested customers that way. A bright car wrap is highly effective because they are so unexpected. Think about it: we’re used to seeing the same black, white, silver or beige cars on the road. When a car decked out with a vibrant and colorful vehicle wrap drives by, everyone will be looking. And while they are looking, they’ll be reading more about your business. The average vehicle wrap offers a huge return on investment, as you only have a make a one-time investment to reach hundreds – or thousands – of people every day.

Vehicle Wraps are Perfect for All Types of Vehicles

Vehicle wraps are great for the company car, but they’re also the perfect choice for vehicles of any size. Whether you’re looking for car wraps, truck wraps, bus wrapping or van wraps, the perfect vehicle wrap is waiting for you at Los Angeles-based Arete Digital Imaging. At Arete Digital Imaging, we’re pros at transforming just about any vision into eye-catching auto wraps. We bring the skill, experience and expertise needed to create auto wraps that are visually appealing, artistic and effective. From our creative graphic design pros to our expert wrap installers, our skilled team works with you every step of the way to make sure your vehicle wrap is exactly what you wanted – and much more. Our vehicle wraps are designed to be seen and to make an impression. Let us handle the vehicle wraps and all you need to do to promote your business is take your car for a spin around the block.

Car Wrap Printing Service

Looking for a car wrap printing service in LA? Look no further than Arete Digital Imaging. We’re known in the car wrap advertising industry for our rich, high-resolution and visually engaging vehicle wraps. Not only are our wraps beautifully designed, they are expertly installed, too. When you’re ready to take your business to the next level and get a car wrap that will stop traffic, check out the car wraps at Arete Digital Imaging. Contact us for pricing and to get started on a design consultation.



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