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Vehicle Wraps is the common description for graphics which are applied to cars,vans,trucks,buses or boats or any other vehicle as either a form of mobile advertising or customizing a vehicle to enhance its appearance giving it a personal flair. Some other related terms are Car wraps,van wraps, bus wraps,truck wraps,boat wraps,vinyl wraps,trailer graphics or Truck side graphics.Vehicle graphics can be applied to the entire vehicle or parts of the vehicle hence the terminology Full wraps or Partial Wraps.

The process of vehicle wrapping can be broken down into these major components :

  • Designing
    The design part is the arguably the most difficult part of the vehicle wrap process. Depending on the complexity of the design and style of vehicle our designers will work with you to bring your concepts to reality. When the design concept is finalized we will create either a PDF proof or a printed proof of how the car wrap,van wrap,bus wrap or truck wrap is going to look like. You then approve or make changes to the proof before we proceed to the next process.
  • Printing
    Based on your design approval our production team will print or customize vinyl panels based on the vehicle templates that our designers have provided. The process usually involves large vinyl sheets printed into manageable panels for easier installation. Quality inks and cast lamination are essential in ensuring your graphics stay vibrant for up to 5 years or more.
  • Installing
    Our professional installer/s carefully align the vinyl panels to ensure proper fit and applies them to the vehicle. The installer uses a small tool like a heat gun to stretch and reposition the vinyl, and a squeegee and air release tools to eliminate bubbles from the installation.

One of the best and most affordable types of advertising is vehicle graphics. ADI offers a variety of options for advertising your message on your vehicle. Magnetic Signs, Vinyl Lettering and Car Decals are all affordable options for vehicle graphics. But when it comes to maximum impact you cannot beat full vehicle wraps.

For the cost of one vehicle wrap you will have a travelling billboard that delivers more than 50,000 impressions per month. Compare the monthly cost of a vehicle wrap to advertising in a newspaper, a radio or television ad for a month and you will realize the minimal CPM cost of vehicle wraps.

Enjoyment / Fulfillment of good ROI

Of course after all that work you can give yourself a nice pat on the back for your smart investment . You can now enjoy the benefits of the best outdoor marketing medium available or relish the new look of your custom vehicle. We at ADI are always excited to hear your success stories please give us a call and tell us about your experiences with your new vehicle wrap.


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