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Truck Wraps And Graphics

While trucks offer an exciting billboard advertising opportunity, it isn’t very easy to cover these huge flat surfaces with truck graphics. Right from small to large scale companies, a large number of businesses have started using their delivery trucks to create immediate visual impressions on thousands of potential customers every day.

Arete Digital Imaging has sufficient experience and expertise to wrap individual box trucks and entire fleet of vehicles for wider exposure and better branding. So unlike paying for the advertising space, you can use this form of outdoor advertising to reach out to your audience more effectively. If you want, we can also customize your graphics to suit your specific requirements and fit your budget.


Box truck wraps are a smart alternative to the traditional form of outdoor advertising. Also, due to the growing city and state restrictions on billboard placements and the cost associated with buying the advertising space every time, you can conveniently use customized graphics to maximize the retention rates and number of impressions per lifetime.

These are the popular graphics options for Box Trucks

Cut Vinyl Graphics

Usually businesses use their company Logo, phone number written in large font and website address on the hood and doors of the truck cab. Large decals (inclusive of the marketing message and contact information) are placed on the side space of the truck.

It is an affordable solution for those with limited budget who can cover certain portions of the vehicle with decals, cut vinyl lettering and images. Partial truck wraps are at least 30-60% less expensive than the full wraps and will be almost equivalent to the total cost of changeable truck side banners, based on the design and coverage.

Changeable Graphics

Space age frames and materials are used to form non-intrusive invisible frame which are changeable in nature and can clench a special vinyl banner on the truck-side. This semi-permanent is fixed on each of the truck to enable effortless removal.

After this installation is completed, specially printed vinyl banner material is secured to this frame and fastened by 3M dual-lock technology to the truck side and has been tested to endure vehicle motion and the elements. The banner is stretched across the sides and emulates true billboard advertising. Truck side graphics are less costly than opting for complete truck wraps and it can usually sustain for up to 2 years.


You can change these graphics whenever you may want while adhering to your exclusive advertising requirements. And it will cost you much lower than re-wrapping a box truck or installing new graphics. Cost of installation is also quite less.

Box Trucks

This service offers the facility to cover the entire truck body with truck wraps. Quality 3M vinyl is installed on the sides (including the back and front) and paired with cut vinyl graphics for the truck cab. Although the roof is generally left uncovered, this way you can convert your fleet into moving advertising mode for wider exposure.

Arete Digital Imaging offers truck wraps as a unique branding and billboard advertising solution for a variety of commercial delivery fleets.

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