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Vinyl Car Wraps

For businesses one of the best ways to advertise your business is through your business vehicle. Since you already need to use it to drive to different locations, why not have it help your business through advertising? However, many businesses take the cumbersome and expensive route by having their car custom painted, whereas the prudent option is to use a vinyl car wrap.

What Is A Vinyl Car Wrap?

Unlike with custom car painting, a vinyl wrap is an easier process. Your design is printed on vinyl material with large format digital printers in panels.The printed vinyl sheets are then placed on your car panel by panel, producing the entire advertisement or design that will help get the advertising impressions for your business.

They aren’t permanent and can be removed at a later date, so you won’t have to pay to get your vehicle repainted if your company decides to sell it or wants to use it for another purpose.

Car Customization

Vinyl car wraps are completely customization. You can literally order any design, which allows your company to display its logo and any other relevant information that you would like to include. Unlike painting, you will have a chance to see the completed project before it is done with a 3d rendering and you cn inspect the printed vinyl before installation, giving you a chance to make any last minute revisions.

Cheaper Than Custom Painting

One of the greatest benefits to using a car vinyl wrap over painting is the fact that it is so inexpensive compared to the paint alternative.

It doesn’t require nearly as much work or time to get done, so you’re not paying workers to do a professional paint job for hours if not days on end. Many customers who choose to go with a custom car wrap are typically surprised at how fast the turnaround time for these projects occur.

Vinyl Car Wrap Designs Stand Out

Paint normally is intended to blend in with the vehicles’ surface, but vinyl wraps have a unique appearance to them if you needed carbon fiber on your car there is a vinyl for that, if you need mettalics there is also a vehicle vinyl for that as well. Some custom materials sticks out and produces the intended testured effect, which means that your advertisements will receive more second looks.

On average, vinyl-wrapped vehicles that drive in busy areas will get over 40,000 views each day, which is a whole lot of advertising for the cost literally driving your marketing budget ROI upwards. With a method that is getting so many views and is much cheaper than most forms of advertising, this is one of the best ways to get your company out there.

Vehicle Protection

While this may not deal directly with advertising, it does have to deal with your business’s costs. Vinyl wraps protect your vehicle from paint chips and scratches, as they cover the factory paint job underneath. This takes away the need for the vehicle to need to be repainted, and protects it from a lot of exterior wear and tear.Also damaged panels can be replaced with newer prints if ever your vehicle is damaged.

Multi-Year Warranties

Since your vehicle has a product on it other than just paint, all vinyl manufacturers give out warranties because they expect their product to last a minimum amount of years. This means that if your custom car wrap wears down before it is expected, you can get a whole new one to replace it. No surprise extra expenses. You don’t get this luxury with paint jobs, as companies know that paint will wear down over time, fade and chip away.

Exclusive Advertising Space

Since you own the vehicle, you never have to pay to use the advertising space. In fact, once the vinyl wrap is completed, you won’t have to pitch in any more money for the advertising cost. You own the vehicle and the space already. You never have to share this space with other companies, or deal with companies that make things complicated. It is a truly simple and inexpensive marketing method.

Time Efficient

Since you need your vehicles for business purposes, there is no way that you can have your vehicle out of commission for a long amount of time. Paint jobs take days, if not weeks if the company is busy, and so that can’t be a viable option. However, vinyl car customization can be completed in just a few hours, which means that you can have your vehicles back as soon as possible. Don’t waste time on waiting, get it done fast with wraps!


Vinyl car wrap jobs are the best way to market your company on a budget. Potential customers will see your unique marketing idea throughout the day. The last thing to consider is to get this service with a trusted, experienced and knowledgeable company , call us today our representatives will gladly answer any questions you may have.

Types Of Vinyl Wraps Materials

Vehicle wraps are printed on sheets of cast or calendered vinyl. The primary difference between the two vinyl wraps is durability. Cast vinyl is best for long-term use of 1 to 5 years; calender vinyl is appropriate for short-term wraps lasting just 3 to 12 months.

Cast Vinyl

Cast vinyl is a premium material that stretches easily to best conform to the vehicle’s surface. When brushed over with a clear laminate, cast vinyl provides a paint-like finish on cars, buses, and even boats.

In addition to increased flexibility, vendors prefer cast vinyl because the sheets don’t shrink much during manufacturing, and also because they maintain colors better during printing. However, cast vinyl wraps are considerably more expensive than calendered material and isn’t recommended if you need a vehicle wrap for less than a year.


Calendered vinyl has strong “memory” – it snaps back to its original form after being stretched. This means it doesn’t conform as well to vehicles. It’s also difficult to match colors. But calendered vinyl is much cheaper than cast material, and it can be produced in greater quantities.

This makes it an acceptable solution for vinyl wraps lasting only a few months – especially if used on flat surfaces such as the side of a box truck – but not for long-term advertising.



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