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Vehicle Wraps Types

Arete Digital Imaging (ADI) specializes in a wide range of designs for wraps on various vehicles. Due to the nature of a graphic design wrap, it’s important that we cater to as many different types of vehicles as possible. As such, we offer services on buses, cars, trucks, vans and city vehicles. We also offer custom and partial prints for those interested. To give you an idea of when each wrap is appropriate, we’ve compiled a general description of each of our most popular choices below.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a personal customization option or a moving commercial advertisement for your business, we have a wide selection of car wraps that are right for you.

The benefits of car wraps are numerous: it serves as a ent-free way of advertising your business, campiagn or organization to customers you might not have otherwise made contact with. The beauty of a car wrap is that it doesn’t just apply to those you encounter on the road though, it can advertise from anywhere.

What Are The Different Types Of Vehicle Wraps Available?

While we primarily focus on designing car wraps from within our Los Angeles based facility, we also have a network of nationwide affiliates that can satisfy any client’s needs.

We also offer custom car wraps for those with unique visions, with pricing in these situations dictated by the complexity of the design.

Trucks are another excellent way to advertise for a cheap cost. Due to their size, truck wraps essentially serve as moveable billboards for their advertisements. While one truck may make an impression, imagine the effect on your business if an entire fleet is covered in truck wraps. ADI has no problem accomplishing such a feat, and with the increase in modern advertising costs, a fleet of truck wraps is the smarter cost efficient alternative.

How Can You Save Money Doing Vehicle Wraps?

For those that are looking to save money further, ADI offers partial truck wraps that cover only certain parts of the truck that the eyes are most likely to be drawn to. Instead of covering the entire truck in a wrap, this money-saving alternative gets you the benefits of a moving advertisement at a discounted cost.

One of our most popular services would have to be van wraps. The appeal of van wraps primarily comes from their ease of availability. Most businesses use some form of a delivery or service van to travel from location to location, and with our van wraps word of mouth spreads quickly. In fact, ADI has proudly served many radio stations in the Los Angeles area with custom van wraps to serve in their promotions.

You don’t have to work in radio to take advantage of our van wrap experts though: ADI caters to businesses both big and small. As daunting as designing a van wrap may seem, ADI helps to make the process as streamlined and simple as possible, taking you through each decision painlessly to design the wrap that is right for you.

Vans, Truck & Bus Wraps

Along a similar vein as vans and trucks, bus wraps are a great opportunity to advertise on the largest canvas available. These hulking behemoths benefit from a bus wrap to the frequency with which they are driven and their sheer size. After all, the bigger the size the more information you can convey to your target audience at once.

In the past, ADI has primarily used bus wraps to help clients promote events, brands, or specific promotions. Don’t let those options stop you from achieving your goal with your own bus wrap though: ADI will commit itself fully to whatever project you have in mind.

ADI believes in being the best that you can be, and we apply that philosophy to all of our wraps, whether they be for car, truck, van or bus. With ADI you can be sure that whatever design you have in mind will be seen to completion on the motor vehicle of your choice. Regardless of whether you’re a corporate client, a small business, or just someone with an artistic passion, you can be sure ADI will treat your desires with the same care and attention they’ve come to be known for in the Los Angeles area.

ADI’s vehicle wrapping services are all in-house in our Los Angeles facility where we create car wraps, van wraps, SUV wraps, truck wraps, trailer wraps, fleet wraps, motorcycle wraps , truck side graphics, bus side graphics and bus tail graphics, and custom car wraps. Vehicle wraps and graphics are our preeminent service and we are passionate about turning your vehicle or vehicle fleet into powerful marketing machines to spread your message to thousands of customers.

Every vehicle wrapping project is a unique challenge that our qualified personnel can offer advice and guide you about so you get the most of your investment. Research confirms that vehicle wraps are the most cost efficient & innovative outdoor marketing medium available . We are a full service top-tier vehicle wrapping company utilizing only quality materials and highly experienced graphic designers and certified wrap installers.


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