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Car wraps are a very effective form of outdoor advertising. A single car wrap ad can get up to 70,000 unique views in a day. Just make sure that you go for  a trustworthy car wrap manufacturer and installer so you can enjoy your car wrap for the next five years. Remember, a car wrap can last for up to five years but only if you choose a company who knows what they’re doing. Depending on your budget, you can opt for full car wraps if you want to get the most bang for your buck or you can opt for partial wraps if you want something simple and less costly.  Without further ado, here are our top tips to get the most marketing mileage out of your car wrap.

Make It Large 
If you want an effective wrap, make sure that you go big. Go for large fonts, large images, and large logos. Don’t be shy about the size of your wrap. Even smaller vehicles can benefit from car wraps that have bigger logos and fonts. Just make sure to hire a great designer who knows how to workaround these things. Larger details are easier to read even from a distance and truly makes an impact as well.

Know Your Market 
Small and medium scale businesses will benefit from car wrap advertising because it is cost effective and not to mention attracts a large number of customers on a daily basis. So if you own a small or medium scale business, make sure that you strike the fine balance of informative but not too chatty. Put in your company, what you do, and how to reach you. If you’re active on social media, put in your Twitter handle or your Facebook page. If you can be easily reached via phone, opt for that instead. As for large businesses, all you have to do is to put an attractive rendering of your company brand or logo and leave it at that.

Limit Your Words
In the world of advertising, less is more. So if you are relatively new to the scene and you want to make your services know to the public, limit it a very short list. Put up to 3 things that you do or products that you offer so potential customers aren’t overwhelmed. If you want your clients or potential customers to know the extent of your services and products on offer, lead them to a website or social media page instead. Whatever you do, don’t turn your vehicle wrap into a brochure.

Go For A Professional Look
A lot of people are tempted to go the DIY route when it comes to car wrap advertising. But the thing is that nothing beats a professionally done car wrap when it comes to appearances and not to mention longevity. If you want your wrap to last for at least 5 years, go for a professional. Although you may have an attractive design in mind,  a DIY job can make an otherwise amazing wrap to look less than stellar.