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Partial Wraps & Vehicle Lettering

Arete Digital Imaging offers different methods of wrapping your vehicle, depending on how much surface area you wish to cover and of considering your marketing budget.

Partial Wrap

Covers portions of the vehicle and usually starts at the rear doors and extends around the back. Partial wraps usually also include a logo for the hood. This option provides the benefits of a wrap without the investment on a full wrap. Depending on the design concept and other variables partial wraps are usually 1/3 to 2/3 the cost of a full wrap.

Full Wrap

Covers most of the surface area of the vehicle. Provides the maximum impact as this literally transforms your entire vehicle’s appearance. This also includes perforated window film (a.k.a “window perf”) that covers glass surfaces without impacting the driver’s visibility. We keep ourselves abreast with state laws on the limitations of vehicle advertising and customization to make sure your vehicle wrap is 100% compliant.

For example in California and in other states you can only use 50/50 window perf and can only be applied to the rear side and rear windows of the vehicle. Another example is where City buses and commercial buses need Identification tags in certain areas on the vehicles.

Window Graphics

Graphics printed on window perf that cover the windows excluding the front driver and passenger side windows and windshield. Knowledgeable wrap companies know when to apply window perf and whether to apply lamination or not.

For example window perf is best laminated for vehicles that experience a lot of rainfall because the water gets trapped in the perforations and clouds the drivers vision. Another example is not to apply window perf to areas visited by snowfall due to the fact that ice scrapers will definitely damage your window graphics.

Vinyl Lettering & Cut Vinyl

The predecessor of vehicle wraps is still going strong and provides a cost effective alternative to full or partial wraps. Colored Vinyl sheets are processed through our computerized cutting machine and then applied directly to the target vehicle . Our installers use a variety of tools to ensure that the cut vinyl is lined up properly.

Hybrid Wraps

These are wraps that employ all or a combination of the aforementioned vehicle wrap methods to create a visually unique wrap. Check out the images of one of these rolling works of art. KROQ wanted a unique van wrap and we were more than happy to oblige their creative concepts.

The KROQ van was created with a matte black base finish with a custom white matte area where our expert installers applied several pieces of bright red and black glossy cut vinyl creating a layered effect. The custom window graphics were done with matte black finish creating a truly beautiful custom wrap.


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