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City Vehicle Wraps

Tourism is a huge source of income in Los Angeles. According to DiscoverLosAngeles.com, LA welcomed more than 25.8 million visitors in 2010, with direct visitor spending totaling over $14 billion. This is probably one of the reasons why city vehicle wraps are commonly seen in the City of Angels. With tourism and hospitality topping the list of LA’s leading industry, it makes sense for the local government to advertise the city’s attractions.

Promoting Tourism

Arete Digital Imaging (ADI) understands that tourism is one of the major sectors of economy in Los Angeles. And this is why the company offers city vehicle wrapping services to help promote LA’s tourism and hospitality industry beyond the usual advertising methods such as print ads, TV commercials, and radio spots.

When you visit LA, you’ll no doubt see buses, trucks, vans, and other vehicles sporting wraps that feature the city’s health services, old and new attractions, as well as various accommodations. In this regard, ADI’s expertise in outdoor advertising undoubtedly shines in the transportation sector, fitting perfectly with LA’s overall strategy to highlight the city’s charms.

Benefits Of Outdoor Advertising

By combining TV, print, and radio campaigns with outdoor advertising, the city has enjoyed gains despite the economic downturn in 2010. Today, more than ever, an effective media mix is needed by the city to continue reaping the benefits of a well-promoted tourism and hospitality sector. Of course, outdoor advertising is a vital part of that mix, providing exposure that lets visitors – local or otherwise know more about what LA has got to offer in terms of tourist attractions.

Our City Vehicle Wrapping Services

As mentioned, city vehicle wraps are included in our list of offerings to help out companies or organizations that want to try out outdoor advertising for a share of those tourist dollars. (Please check out our gallery to see samples of our city vehicle wraps, as well as our other wrapping projects).

Should you want to showcase your business through affordable, high-quality city vehicle wraps, please don’t hesitate to explore our site or fill out our online contact ss form for more information. We would be more than happy to wrap your vehicle or fleet of buses/vans/pickups/cars/etc for a reasonable price. Please contact us anytime so we can discuss your vehicle wrapping needs in detail.


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