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Van Wraps

Van wraps and graphics are by far our most popular vehicle wrap service to date. We have wrapped and completed van wraps to a ratio of 5 to 1 compared to our other vehicle graphic projects. Van wraps and graphics are prevalent because most businesses usually have a delivery van or service vans for their business and the surface area of the van provides an adequate canvas to convey marketing messages effectively.

Although not as big as box trucks or semi trailer trucks, vans have the advantage in the frequency of which they are utilized thereby providing maximum exposure in terms of impressions. The size of the van also provides mobility to penetrate suburban areas inaccessible to trucks for example a plumbing service van making routine service calls may attract targeted prospective clients from the same service neighborhood.

We at ADI are proud to convey that most radio stations in the Los Angeles area are our loyal customers and their station van wraps and vehicle promotional vehicles are proudly designed, manufactured and installed by our dedicated team of vehicle wrap experts.

Van Advertising

Our client base for van wraps are not only limited to radio and television stations but to a wide array of clientele from small and medium sized companies to nationwide brands to globally competitive companies and government agencies. ADI has also become a favorite partner of advertising agencies in our ability to work with their strict quality control demands and fast production turn around requirements.

Commercial Applications

We can turn your van into a rent-free mobile advertising machine to promote your business or market your ideas or your brand. The impressions to potential customers are not only limited to when you vehicle is on the road but also when strategically parked in highly visible locations with high foot traffic.

Marketing professionals and advertising agencies leverage the fact that van wraps advertising can penetrate targeted locations and reach target audiences not easily accessed by traditional advertising methods and at a fraction of the cost. The beauty of owning a commercial van wrap is that only your message is seen and remembered and you do not share this advertising space with anyone else.

Van Graphics

There are a variety of van graphics options available to address your specific needs. Please check out our section on full car wraps, partial car wraps and vinyl graphics.

Van Wrap Design

The van wrap’s design is the key element of an effective car wrap advertising project and from our experience is the most time intensive of all the aspects on creating a car wrap. After all, you want to be sure you get the most of your investment. Our in-house design team will collaborate with you or your design department to come up with an effective graphic layout for your vehicle.

We are one of the few vehicle graphics companies that understand and appreciate the value of a great design and as such we don’t cut corners on this integral part of the car wrapping process. Our vehicle wrap materials are “tailor-fitted” to suit your requirements and are installed by certified experienced wrap installers.

Locally Owned With A Nationwide Reach

We conceptualize, design, manufacture and install our Van wraps in Los Angeles at our facility in the heart of Hollywood for our local clients and have a nationwide network of affiliates s in most major U.S. cities for out of state client. Van wrap cost the cost of a van wrap is dictated by the intricacy of the design, the amount of surface area covered, the type of material needed and the complexity of the installation process. Please consider contacting one of our representatives for an accurate assessment of your requirements and commensurate pricing options.


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