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Wall Graphics

Wall wraps and wall graphics can transform a plain wall into a colorful and vibrant advertising work of art. Take advantage of the benefits of large format printing by using wall graphics, which allow you to capture the attention of the consumer as well as to brand your product or service. These graphics instantly make your office or store more inviting for potential clients or customers, and gives more reason for existing ones to keep coming back.

Custom Wall Graphics

Using the latest printing technology, we provide custom wall graphics, which we create using your artwork or digital photos for Los Angeles. We can even help you out with the design. Having custom wall graphics printed for your Los Angeles offices and branches is more convenient than hanging pictures on your walls or having them painted. You don’t need to close shop because wall graphics are easy to install. No preparation work is required because they can be installed over the existing finish.

You can choose to have your graphics printed on traditional vinyl as well as other materials like reflective, luminous etc. Also known as wall murals, wall graphics are very versatile and can be applied on the ceiling and windows. They are very durable, stick to any surface, and can be removed without damaging your wall. You can easily re-position the graphics if you feel that they can be more effective in another part of your office or store. The seasonal graphics that you order can be used year after year, allowing you to save on your advertising budget.

Custom Wallscape Printing

Wallscapes are wall graphics that are used for outdoor advertising and offer incredible exposure. Your advertising message is definitely more powerful when your graphics cover the side of a building (think U.S. Bank Tower), seen by pedestrians and drivers from block to block. Our custom wallscape printing services allow you to render your advertising message in different shapes and sizes. Wallscape printing is particularly useful in high profile areas like Los Angeles, which does not lack the infrastructure for wallscapes.

Make a strong statement by covering the entire side of a building with wallscapes that will literally and figuratively have a huge impact on your targeted audience. Aside from buildings, expand your advertising territory by putting your graphics on bleachers, construction job site fencing, downtown rehab projects, and parking areas. And if ever your competition has already unfurled a wallscape ahead of you, no problem; just come up with a bigger one right beside it!

Wall Murals

Tired of boring wallpaper? Spruce up your office or home with vibrant wall murals. Custom wall murals can create an inspiring environment for your employees and impress your clients or customers. They can also help all types of businesses establish their identities.

Wall murals can make your living room more warm and welcoming. Display your personal style with wall murals that indulge your idiosyncrasies. Make your child happy by installing wall graphics that depict his or her favorite cartoon characters in the bedroom. With so many designs and styles to choose from, the sky is the limit for you.


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