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Building Wraps: the Oversized Wall Graphic

When it comes to print advertisement, most companies seem to go by the bigger, the better rule. And if you subscribe to that way of thinking, then you would definitely appreciate a well-designed building wrap or wall scape with a killer wall graphic. Just imagine an oversized poster that just compels onlookers to stare and drink in your marketing message. Keep in mind though, that a wall graphic is not that easy to design unless you find a wall scape Los Angeles company that can help you out. With that said, we have compiled a list of tips to help you explore the wall scape with effective building wraps.

Building Wraps Design Tips from a Wall Scape Los Angeles Company

Use super-high resolutions images. If you are shooting the images for this building wrap yourself, you might want to use a high-resolution camera (10MP or so). You might also want to consider hiring a professional photographer for this ad tool just to be on the safe side. After all, there is nothing uglier than a blurry building wrap, except for a badly-designed wall graphic, maybe. Consult with our team of graphic artists regarding the resolution that you would need for your large print advertisement. They would be more than happy to assist you as you conceptualize the layout as well.

Balance. This is often stressed in regular-sized posters, but it is even more important in a wall scape Los Angeles. Remember that building wraps are supposed to be that size because these are meant to be admired even from afar. Regardless of whether your prospective customers are passing by in a helicopter or simply highway cruising, they should be able to see your building wrap. The fact that it is plastered on a blank wall of a building only adds to the charm. It does not have to be anything fancy; most companies do not even use models for their building wraps. Sometimes, you just need catchy elements in your building wrap that contribute to the overall impact of your wall scape.

Attractiveness. While it is a good idea to use your brand colors, if those are not as attractive as they should be, then do not let these shades dominate your building wrap. As with billboards, the last thing you want is to spend your money on a giant eyesore. If you feel like you do not have an eye for design, any one of our veteran graphic artists can help you come up with a bold, attention-grabbing building wrap.

Let the Wall Scape Experts Do the Wrapping

Check and double check for minute glitches in your design. You may want to proof the building wrap design first before posting it on your wall. We happen to be veterans when it comes to printing building wraps, so we can assure you that if you order a wrap from our store, it would be exactly as you envisioned it. If you do find errors caused by our printers, you can return it to us and we will correct those mistakes right away. Call us, the wall scape Los Angeles experts, today if you want a building wrap that effectively promotes your brand.


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