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Bus Wraps Los Angeles

Bus wraps offer a great outdoor marketing opportunity due to their size and the frequency of which they are driven. Bus wrapping projects are used to deliver a strong marketing message that is difficult to miss and easily remembered. Although the applications of vinyl graphics on buses come in a variety of forms shapes and scope most of our bus wrap clients use this service to promote an event, a brand or a promotion and typically the graphics do not need to stay on for more than 2 years. We do have clients for long term bus wraps and graphics such as corporations who use their bus fleet for corporate livery. An example of the effectiveness of a bus wrap is a case study that was conducted that a city bus in Los Angeles with Bus side graphics generates more than a 100,000 impressions a month plying its regular route to and from Downtown Los Angeles. Graphics on Bus Sides and Bus tail graphics are prevalent due to this effectiveness and the lower marketing cost as compared to other forms of media advertising.

Bus Tails

We have several options for creating bus side graphics and Bus Tail graphics all of which are dependent on the client’s current needs and budget considerations. The most popular of these options are Bus Side Banners which are basically laminated 3M adhesive vehicle vinyl installed to the sides generally below the window line. These is an excellent cost efficient alternative to getting partial bus graphics or full bus wraps. This option can also be applied to Bus tails as well. The vehicle vinyl is easily installed and is guaranteed not to damage the installation surface when removal is necessary.

Changeable Bus Side Graphics

Another innovative solution for Bus Advertising is applying a frame system to the Bus Side or Bus Tail. This frame system requires no drilling to the Bus Body and houses a non adhesive changeable Banner attached to the side of the vehicle at strategic points with 3M dual lock technology. The frame system is made of composite plastic materials and is not as bulky or cumbersome as traditional metal frames.

Commercial Bus Wraps

We turn your bus into a rent-free mobile advertising machine to promote your business or market your ideas or your brand. The impressions to potential customers are not only limited to when you vehicle is on the road but also when strategically parked in highly visible locations with high foot traffic. Marketing professionals and advertising agencies leverage the fact that bus wraps advertising can penetrate targeted locations and reach target audiences not easily accessed by traditional advertising methods and at a fraction of the cost. The beauty of owning a commercial bus wrap is that only your message is seen and remembered and you do not share this advertising space with anyone else at a large hard not to notice platform. Bus wraps and Bus graphics options There are a variety of van graphics options available to address your specific needs. Please check out our section on Full car wraps, Partial Car wraps and Vinyl Graphics.

Bus Wrap Design

The bus wrap design as with any vehicle wrap project is the key element of an effective bus wrap advertising project and from our experience is the most time intensive of all the aspects on creating a bus wrap. After all, you want to be sure you get the most of your investment. Our in-house design team will collaborate with you or your design department to come up with an effective graphic layout for your vehicle. We have template software that has most bus models and variations and we can customize these for customized buses. We are one of the few vehicle graphics companies that understand and appreciate the value of a great design and as such we don’t cut corners on this integral part of the car wrapping process. Our vehicle wrap materials are “tailor-fitted” to suit your requirements and are installed by certified experienced wrap installers.

A Nationwide Reach

We conceptualize, design, manufacture and install our Bus wraps in Los Angeles at our facility in the heart of Hollywood for our local clients and have a nationwide network of affiliates s in most major U.S. cities for out of state client. Due to the size of these vehicles we have an installation facility in North Hollywood specifically suited for Bus wrapping and Truck Side Wraps

How Much Do Bus Wraps Cost?

The cost is dictated by the intricacy of the design, the amount of surface area covered, the type of material needed and the complexity of the installation process. Please consider contacting one of our representatives for an accurate assessment of your requirements and commensurate pricing options


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