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Using Step And Repeat Backdrops For Events

Would you like to make a mark on the event you’re hosting? One of the simplest and effective ways for you to do this is by applying step and repeat backdrops, banners, or walls at the end of the “red carpet”. Choose from a multitude of formats from our database, or talk to veteran designers in our team. We can assure you that we give only high quality prints. We also have a wide range of textures, densities, and weaves for the surface of your step and repeat banners.

Would you like to give that banner a twist? You can also order accompanying professional stands and carpets. The step and repeat printing can also be applied on tabletops and covers if you wish to add a little spice to your welcome booth. Below are a few tips you might like to keep in mind while you’re designing your step and repeat tools, though.

Contrast Your Backdrop With Your Logo

No matter how simple your logo might be, as long as you establish a stark contrast between your logo and the backdrop, it’s always going to stand out. You can play it safe and go for a white backdrop which goes well with almost any colored logo. Never choose backdrops that would blend too much with the rest of your logo because it would make your wall look dull.

Don’t overdo the contrast, though. The contrasting colors should still complement each other. They shouldn’t be so far apart in the color wheel (if you’re choosing a backdrop that’s neither black nor white) that they’re no longer visually pleasing. If your logo has a lot of white or light colors in it, darker backdrops would do. For darker logos, choose lighter backdrops.

Look At The Size Of Your Prints

Your logo or printed text should still be visible in the photos. We have veteran graphics arts designers here who can guide you with the sizes. Don’t make the print so small that it’s no longer recognizable when you take photos of people standing in front of the wall.

At the same time, don’t make the print so big that you’re unable to see it’s a step and repeat banner. Consult with our expert team regarding the dimensions of your wall. Just send us a high resolution digital file of your logo and/or intended text and we can make the adjustments for you.


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