Wrap Alterations and Removal

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One of the benefits of a vehicle wrap is that you can replace or repair part of the design without replacing the entire wrap. This is helpful if your wrap becomes damaged, or if you want to update or add messaging to the design.

Contact your vendor and describe the changes you want. The technician will access a computer-generated version of the wrap and pinpoint which panel needs to be reproduced. The vendor then prints an overlay piece that inconspicuously covers the old piece and becomes part of the overall design.

Wrap removal

Your vehicle wrap should last you 3 to 5 years, depending on how well you maintain it. When it’s time to remove it, you can do the job yourself or take the vehicle back to your wrap vendor.

Remove the wrap by heating one of the corners with a heat gun until it starts to separate from the vehicle. If you don’t want to work with a heat gun, you can buy a special solution to loosen the wrap, but removal can take longer and may leave more residue behind.

Slowly pull the wrap off the vehicle while continuing to heat the vinyl. This will help the vinyl come off in large, easily removable sheets. Repeat the process until you’ve removed all the panels. If the wrap leaves residue behind, use a citrus-based cleaner or paint thinner to wipe it away.

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