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Why Outdoor Advertising Still Works

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The numbers don’t lie. According to the latest report by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, Out of Home Advertising or Outdoor Advertising is still king. Although online marketing is currently booming, nothing still beats good old-fashioned methods of campaigning products and services.

Let’s Stick to the Facts
Big companies like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon all have one thing in common: they know the power of outdoor advertising. The OAA recently released a study showcasing how effective outdoor advertising really is. Just before or near the point of purchase, outdoor advertising effectively engages customers new and old. Not only that but outdoor advertising actually reaches out to more people as opposed to TV ads. According to the study, close to 99% of the US population are reached by outdoor ads as opposed to TV ads (96%).

Local Market
If you own a local business or brand, outdoor advertising should definitely be added to your marketing repertoire. Why? Well, if you’re in the food & restaurant business, outdoor advertising methods reach 57% of potential clients an hour or so before they decide to eat. And if you have a brick and mortar store in a local shopping mall, you can reach out to potential customers one hour prior to their arrival at the mall.

A Huge, Measurable Impact
Nowadays, all our outdoor marketing efforts can be easily tracked with the help of smartphones. Ads (like billboards, street furniture, and car graphics) can have a quick call to action by directing potential clients to Facebook pages, Twitter handles, or to a website.

So What Now?
Now that we still have quantitative data to back up outdoor advertising’s claims, what do we do with this knowledge? Well, the first thing to do is to go for outdoor marketing mediums that’s coherent with a brand’s overall message. For some brands, it means going with car wraps instead of billboards. For some companies, it’s the opposite. And there are those who can massively benefit by making use of both mediums.

For those who are new to outdoor advertising, remember these 3 steps: 1) Make a professional and memorable visual, 2) Put in the right place, at the right time 3) Track and measure results. Some companies make the mistake of doing everything they can to put up a visually stunning ad but fail to measure results.

Remember the Real Role of Outdoor Advertising
For those in the know, they already understand the power of outdoor advertising. When executing an outdoor marketing campaign, remember that its main purpose is to bolster a brand, never to overly inform. You can put a call to action or even a simple (but memorable) hashtag but you don’t put up an outdoor ad to bombard people with information. A simple visual, a brand name, and a call to action are all that’s really needed.

On Faded Car Wraps And Damaged Cars

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Black BMW Matte Vinyl Wrap

Whether you’re new to car wrap advertising or not, it’s only understandable that you want to have all the answers to all your questions before you shell out your hard-earned money. Without further ado, here are the top 2 questions people ask before having their vehicles wrapped.

Why Does A Car Wrap Fade?
We get it. Sometimes, a car wrap is still remarkably intact but you simply have to replace if because some spots are already fading. Sometimes, ugly blotches or distortions in the graphics can even occur. For some graphics, the answer is simple: the quality wasn’t top notch. Some wraps or decals used low quality materials so it was only understandable that the wrap faded over a short amount of time.

Here’s How to Prevent Faded Car Wraps
The first step when it comes to preventing faded car wraps is to use high quality lamination. Some car wrap companies use low quality lamination or go for no lamination at all in order to cut costs. Although this could work for the short term, it will actually cost more in the long run. Lamination is very important for car wrap graphics or decals because it adds a layer of protection as well as giving an added bonus of one’s desired finish: glossy, luster, or matte.

A glossy finish is one of the more popular finishes. It basically adds/intensifies the gloss or sheen of the car wrap’s design. A luster finish, on the other hand, adds a bit of gloss but not too much. It’s chosen by people who want to lessen any glaring effects of their car wrap design. Lastly, a matte finish is a smooth and flat finish. A lot of people also go for a matte finish as it gives their vehicles a certain look that’s actually quite appealing.

Clients who go for paler colors for their car wrap or decals are more likely to expect faster fading time. But of course, climate and the environment also play a key to faded car wraps and decals. If you want to prevent faded designs, simply go for brighter or bolder colors and go for both high quality vinyl and high quality lamination in order to lengthen the lifespan of your car wrap design.

Can You Put Decals or A Wrap Over Damaged Parts of A Vehicle?
The short answer is no. The long answer is that you have to fix the damaged parts especially if there’s any rust, dents, or large scratches on the car’s exterior. Minor scratches and faded paint jobs CAN be hidden by decals or wrap jobs. But if we’re talking about major damage here then you have to address that first before you even think about having the vehicle wrapped. This way, you can prevent any major damage going on without your knowledge of it. Although some people go for putting decals or wraps over damaged parts of their vehicle, it can actually highlight the damage instead of hiding it.

What Makes For A Head-Turning Outdoor Marketing Campaign?

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When it comes to outdoor advertising methods, we can help you choose either a.) car wrap advertising or b.) billboard advertising. Car wrap advertising is arguably cheaper and better for the long haul, but, if you want to target a specific audience in an exact location (or if you have a large budget) then a billboard advertisement is definitely a good option too. When it comes to planning for a head-turning campaign, there are 4 steps in the process. Read on to find out more about it.

Visually Compelling
The first step is to ensure that your outdoor advertising medium of choice is visually compelling. This is the stage wherein you can think of the fireworks, all the big elements, and the visually outrageous things you can put in your ad. The earlier stages of planning is definitely the best part of designing a car wrap or billboard in that you can come up with the most exciting things and not be hampered by logistics or a budget. In the earlier stages of planning, don’t limit your creativity.

Tied Up With Brand Itself
If you came up with a visually compelling and head-turning marketing campaign, make sure that it’s not just empty fireworks. Make sure that it’s tied up to your brand and that the artwork or the image will be easily associated to your brand. This second part of the process is more of the trimming down part. Make sure that you don’t just go for any other visual trick of an ad. Make sure that it speaks for your company or brand.

Keep it Simple
Head-turning ads are simple and straightforward. You want your outdoor ad to look great from afar and even up-close and personal. Ads that are too complicated or have too much going on wouldn’t translate well from a long distance. Keeping it simple can also help you cut down on maintenance costs or other extra costs. So at this point of the process, try to trim it down as much as possible.

Remember, at the end of the day, being a head-turner is good. But you also have to be memorable. And memorable is what you really have to aim for. Just follow the mentioned steps above and make sure that your campaign has a soul to it. Creative graphics are all good but you want it to have a heart/humor/soul to it. You decide. You can even put all three components. Make a visual pun out of the brand name or create one visual element/image that is creative/out of the box but basically sums up your brand.


What’s the Best Outdoor Advertising Medium For You?

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Childrens Hospital Helicopter Specialty Wrap

Advertising is especially tricky nowadays, what with social media dominating the scene. But according to statistics, outdoor advertising still reigns supreme. The good thing about outdoor advertising is that you can reach a lot of people at any given time frame. The upfront cost is usually higher as opposed to online marketing but there are certain advantages when it comes to outdoor advertising mediums. If you want to know which medium is the best for your brand/company, check out our list and make an informed choice.

Car Wraps
Car wraps are a relatively cheap way of advertising your company. Although the initial cost of having a vehicle wrapped appears to be costly, you have to take into consideration that a car wrap is not just an advertising vehicle. It can also protect the vehicle and therefore help retain the resale value of the car. A car wrap can last without fading much for an average of 5 years. If you use the vehicle for deliveries and such, you also make sure that you get as much as 30,000 unique views per day.

Large Format Print/Billboards
When it comes to large format print, it simply means billboard advertising. There are other large format advertising mediums (like wall graphics or building wraps) but billboards are one of the oldest and most influential outdoor advertising methods.

Digital Billboards
Digital billboards are great for companies who can’t afford a single billboard all to themselves. The cost is cheaper since you get to share a billboard with other companies. The downside is that your product/company is only getting a few seconds of advertising space. But if the digital billboard is going to be located in a densely populated area, then this could be a good option for your company.

Street Furniture
Depending on your location, street furniture can be a cost effective advertising medium or an expensive one. If you think that street furniture is perfect for your company’s needs, then go for it. Just remember that when you opt for street furniture, there’s acquisition costs, installation costs, and maintenance costs. The same could be said for billboards or other large format advertising mediums but street furniture are often more subject to wear and tear.

At the end of the day, you have to take into consideration the amount of time you need to advertise a product, service, or the brand in general and how much money you’re truly willing to part with. Some outdoor advertising methods can cost more upfront (car wraps) but don’t need to be worried about later on. Some formats, like street furniture, may not seem costly but there’s maintenance and city laws to deal with.


Building Wrap Advertising: Do’s and Don’ts

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Just a few weeks ago, a woman in the UK was reported to have survived a huge billboard that separated from a building and ending up pinning her from the waist down. The billboard was haphazardly attached to the brick building so despite it being newly installed, it fell and caused severe damage to a local woman. So what does this mean? Well, if they instead employed the sides of the building instead of installing a separate billboard, this ugly scenario could’ve been avoided. Outdoor advertising is effective, but not all outdoor advertising mediums are created equal. So what are the other do’s and don’ts when it comes to building wrap advertising?

Do Go For High Resolution
Nothing says unprofessional than a pixelated image. If you’re building wrap image is pixelated, it completely distracts from the message you want to say. So make sure that you hire a professional photographer when taking photos and of course, hire the professional services of those who specialize in printing building wraps. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, don’t hesitate to contact Aretedi.

Do Think Catchy But Not Too Gimmicky
The good thing about building wraps is that it’s already attention grabbing. So even if you don’t opt for mind-bending optical illusions, you’re still going to attract a fair number of potential clients. You can opt for humorous or witty ads but don’t turn it into a circus or into something that’s too farfetched. It can easily send the wrong message and potential customers might end up being too distracted from the actual message you want to convey.

Do Consider The Surrounding Areas
Take into consideration the actual building (or part of it) that you could be covering. If the building is made out of brick and your company colors don’t match, then consult a professional who can tell you about the right color combinations or the possible workaround so that your marketing message doesn’t turn out to be such an eyesore – after all, you don’t want to spend so much money only for it to be hated, right?

Do Hand It To The Experts
Once you’re absolutely sure about the design and other minute details, consult the experts who can properly place the building wrap. Building wraps can get complicated and one wrong move could prove to be an expensive mistake. Letting the wrap experts handle the installation part will help ensure that your wrap will stay in place for a long period of time.

And the beauty of building wraps is that it can be used for buildings that are currently under renovation or are still being constructed. Since a building wrap can be as huge as the whole building or as small as just covering scaffolding, the cost is not so high unlike actual billboards.